REC's Latest addition.

Wide range of Internationally well known Safety Gears.


We specialize in supplying and installation of our equipment to be a positive pressure flexible enclosure safe for Hot Work such as Welding, Cutting, Grinding, Drilling, Sandblasting etc. works, whenever, hydrocarbon maybe present at the area of work.


All the installation of Hot Work Habitats is installed by our trained technician, we provide a standby duty technician at site during the Hot Work in operation.


This equipment is provision for Hot Work at hazardous area:


Offshore and Onshore Brownfield oil and gas platforms

•Gas plants


•Petro-chemical facilities



It is our mission to be the industry's first choice partner that is a problem solver, collaborative and has the technical ability and resources to produce safe, high quality work. REC SDN BHD represents Safety, Quality, Ownership, Integrity, Service and Team.


Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) is a trenchless method of installing pipelines and conduits in the areas where traditional open cut excavations are not feasible and/or not desired for environmental and/or constructability reasons. It is commonly used for the installation of pipelines beneath rivers, highways, and other environmentally sensitive areas, or areas where the topography or site conditions along a proposed alignment conflicts with conventional cut and cover installation practices. During the HDD process, a pilot hole is first drilled along a predetermined path. The pilot hole is then enlarged in single or multiple steps (reaming passes) to accommodate the pullback of the carrier pipe into the enlarged hole.

We are presently operating HDD services and capable of completing projects both large and small with pipe sizes up to 24 inches in diameter.


Benefits of Directional Drilling


•Significantly reduces the construction time because there is no excavation time

•Protects the land above (historic landmarks, scenery, etc.)

•Does not require excavation or trenching which can be a noisy, messy process

•Less of an impact on the sites surrounding the construction

•Does not require road closure or traffic redirection or cause other disturbances to outside areas

•Long-term cost reduced for settlements associated with piping

•Minimal disruption to all other services around the construction area


Our Capabilities in HDD


•Feasibility studies, project risk analysis, project planning for HDD projects

•HDD Construction Management Services, including equipment/tooling supply and technical personnel assistance

•HDD profile design, calculations and analysis

•Environmental risk assessment

•HDD equipment and tooling design, selection and consultancy services


Our Equipments



REC SDN BHD Specialty Services offers safe, efficient pipeline solutions and services for the most demanding pipeline projects. We are equipped to handle projects of any size from 4" to 60 ". With a high level of focus on operational excellence and environmental consciousness, REC SDN BHD covers full range of Pre-commissioning services for pipeline installation as well as construction companies and operators looking for reliability, safety and quality.


•Pre commissioning of New Pipelines

•Flooding, Cleaning and Gauging

•Hydrotesting of new pipelines

•Pneumatic Testing

•Specialized Mechanical and Chemical Cleaning

•Bulk Dewatering

•Glycol and Methanol Swabbing

•Drying by Vacuum, Nitrogen or Air

•Nitrogen Purging and Packing

•Commissioning of New Pipelines

•Pipeline Maintenance and Abandonment

•Pipeline Multi Product Transfer

•Pipeline Online Maintenance Pigging

•Pipeline Nitrogen Purging and Product Displacement

•Pipeline Geometry and Location (XYZ) Caliper surveys

•Pipeline Intelligent Pigging and Inspection Surveys (Using MFL/UT)

•Pig Manufacturing and Supply High Volume Fluid Pumping



REC SDN BHD is dedicated to provide quality Scaffolding Installation Services at both offshore and onshore job.

Our Scaffolding systems are as follows:


Conventional Tube & Fitting Scaffolding System, which conforms to BS EN-12811 and EN-12810.


Multi Purpose Scaffolding System, which conforms to BS EN-12811 and EN-12810. All scaffolders are technically and systematically trained to the required standards TG-20-08 and CITB certified.


All-Round Scaffolding System, which conforms to ES EN-1004 (mobile access and working towers made of pre-fabricated elements), EN-12810-1 (facade scaffolds made of pre-fabricated components).


Our personnel are qualified professionals with many years experience and trained and certified by CITB.



REC SDN. BHD. also provides a full suite of offshore (onboard camps, rigs, vessels) and onshore catering services for the oil and gas industry in Brunei Darussalam. We offer catering/housekeeping services and supply food items to oil rigs, drilling platforms, pipeline construction crews, and other onshore & offshore projects.


We provide warehouses and transports support supplies required to provide catering and facility management services. Local goods have specific packaging requirements, meat, poultry and seafood in a frozen state.


We provide self-contained (with generator) certified freezer, Chiller and Dry Storage containers designed to safely transport food supplies between our warehouse and our customers remote locations or remote dock site.


Our scope includes:

Supply of offshore/onshore catering and cleaning personnel.

Supply of raw and fresh food materials

Supply of offshore-certified freezers and chillers

Supply of offshore-certified dry food containers

Supply of offshore/onshore catering equipment



We have inventories of both bolt tensioning and torquing equipment ranging from 1” to 3 ½” bolt size to cater for the oil and gas industry. Our bolt tensioner and torque wrench are easy to use and flexible.

Our well-trained and experienced supervisors and technicians are ready to deliver the highest quality of work and always standby for all emergency requests.




1.Reduces maintenance down time

2.Improves safety on the job

3.Ideal for confined spaces difficult locations

4.Gives reliable and precise tensioning / torquing

5.Multiple tensioning for leak-free flange makeup

6.Avoid hydrocarbon leakages to environment



A safety case is legal documentary evidence recording every detail of the rig operation, operational hazards and risks, and emergency response plans. It is mandatory for every rig operation being carried out in Brunei waters to submit a safety cases to the Energy and Industry Department at the Prime( Minister's Office (EIDPMO) to receive a receipt of safety.


The best practice approach to major hazards management.

Reducing risk, delivering solutions.


REC SDN BHD has built an excellent reputation in delivering and maintaining high quality safety cases for the offshore oil and gas industry.

Whether overhauling an existing safety case, updating for a Brownfield Development or starting one from scratch for a Greenfield Development, we can provide a service to suit.

Our Services cover all aspects of preparing and maintaining the following types of Safety Cases, throughout all phases of a development.


In addition to authoring technical Safety Cases we:


•Co-ordinate supporting technical safety studies

•Undertake supporting technical Safety Studies

•Liase with and/or support clients with technical matters raised by Health & Safety Executive

•Ensure a high-level of workforce involvement

•Prepare non-technical versions of Safety Cases to promote understanding


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